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           Networking, which is now commonly used in the form of Wi-Fi ( Wireless-Fidelity ) or "Wireless Networking", mostly for Laptops, but also for game consoles Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 etc. Wi-Fi is achieved via a wireless enabled Router usually in conjunction with a built in ADSL modem via BT phone line or Cable Modem e.g from Virgin Media, depending on the best service in your area.

          There are three main manufacturers of Router's :- Netgear, Linksys and D-link. You can choose whichever best fits your needs.


When you have purchased a router it is critical to secure it, see below :-  


Firstly your router will always come with a “Default” User & password, the password must always be changed to something personal to you, to reduce the chance of easy access for Hackers.


Next you need to use something called "Encryption", the best/common form of this is WPA2 ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) which only uses a security word of your own choosing instead of the long 128Bbit code as below !


 If you have an older router it may only provide a WEP - Wired Equivalent Protection option, with which you must create a special code sequence or "Key" which is done by logging into the Router and entering a word of your choice in the specific area of the router's settings, which then produces a 128bit code (Key) looking something like "8BF529A6991F4BAC375E3GH82E" which you must enter into the wireless items (e.g. Laptops, and other PC's) that you wish to use your network and Internet connection for.






More information coming soon!


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